cw // food, water, caps

hey ! looks like you need a distraction ! come do this story !

you are exploring the woods around your house after a long day at school. the forests' tranquil sounds calm your frayed nerves. the sun is setting, and the orange yellow tones light up the sky. you walk through the tall trees when you spot another person running through the woods.

what would you like to do?

you are immediately drawn to them so you chase the person, being careful not to be heard. they stop at a hollowed out tree and pull out a backpack. you watch intently, not paying attention to your surroundings, until you trip over a branch and fall to the ground. They turn around startled and spot you. "HEY!" they yell, grinning like a cheshire cat. "ARE YOU OKAY?"

“its nice to meet you, im rose, I use she/they pronouns!!” they smile at you. “do you want to come with me?” you nod and follow rose through the forest to a part you have never seen before. its a heavenly place, with flowers blooming and lights strung up from trees. the tall grass tickled your feet, and the river runs calmly as background noise. you spot a note in the weeds.

have some breathing gifs !! stay as long as you would like

Rose pulls out her backpack and lays down a blanket and some food. “want some?” you accept and sit on the blanket with them.
“i see you around all the time.” rose tells you.
“how come I have never seen you?” You ask.
"i never wanted to bother you, but I think you are amazing."
“really?” you ask them.
"definitely." they tell you, smiling like an idiot.

you sit there with rose contently before she pulls out a gift.
“this is for you.” you protest but she forces it in your lap. “i have to go now, but remember that you are amazing and so loved."
they give you a warm hug before disappearing in the trees.

here are some mental health resources !! thank you for playing , i appreciate it and i love u <3

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